We are situated in Brisbane, Australia, and we make documentaries about people we find interesting and adventures we embark upon.

We also specialise in video-graphing the union of two people coming together in marriage.

Further we work with photography, graphic design, video projections, writing, short films, etc… basically everything related to Creative Media.

Originally we are both from Norway. Eva originates from a city on the west coast called Stavanger, and Tonje is from the third most rainy city in the world, Bergen.

We both undertook Master degrees in Film and Television, and we have worked within most of the various positions in the film industry. Eva was also the co-founder and director of a short film festival, while Tonje has worked as a journalist for a newspaper.

Hopefully our little doco’s can be of inspiration.

AND if you want a professional, affordable wedding video, email us on: blondrobot@gmail.com